Vision India’s Pledge for 2021: 21000 Youth in Employment

Employ India Campaign -“Enrich Youth for Employment”: A youth outreach initiative

One of the key opportunities ahead for our nation today is to upgrade the youth & provide relevant & developmental inputs to facilitate employability, a smooth transition from Education to Employment. This will be a key lever to further fuel the growing economy of our country.

Vision India’s decade long journey in Staffing & partnering with 100+ corporates reiterates that the Industry expectation from the youth is still far from fructification, the expectation to hit the road running... reduce the induction cycle time & improve the productivity of fresh talent. The Indian corporate houses who place their bets on the youth, today, continue to invest in them through Productivity Cool-Off days, Capability building initiatives and above all the Culture induction - The soft aspects of orientation & being job-ready.

While the above continues to be the biggest disconnect in the Talent eco-system, the ONE Overwhelming connect is that the Industry wants employable youth & the Youth wants to run that extra mile & be Industry ready, a logical Handshake!!

This is the sweet spot where our “Employ India Campaign” - “Enrich Youth for Employment" bridges the corporate expectation & the on-ground reality. This is one platform where you can make a huge difference to the talent realities by representing the Industry & be the change in cascading your professional wisdom & values with the aspirational youth.

High Points of this "Free to Air" initiative;

  • Rolled out for 12th and college student residing in tier II/III cities in UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttrakhand & West Bengal as Phase I.
  • Students/Job aspirants get oriented on basic soft skills and basics of digital literacy with Industry relevance.
  • The program is complimentary, on our e-learning platform , scientifically designed by industry experts & Industry specialized Training professionals having decades of credence.
  • The Training modules are simple yet rich on relevant content enabled with interactive Videos, Case studies as well as success stories that resonate well with the migrants, students and job aspirants while being in safe confines of school/ college/ home.
  • Content is calibrated, based on NSQF National Skills Qualifications Framework as well as in-depth study of industry expectations form fresher’s.
  • Live Video interaction by industry leaders to give them the first hand understanding of the expectations at job! Enables creation of Industry ready Mental Frame, devoid of the fear of unknown.
  • Industry leaders get to set up the momentum for this raw talents, share their thoughts with them in a direct interaction through video calls thus impacting the Youth at the Pre-molding stage. A genuine contribution & impact to society and industry at large.
  • WIN WIN for both Industry & the Youth, true collaboration to Touch & Transform the society through this meaningful initiative.

You, as an established industry leader can relate to the fact that finding not only the right people, but people with the right skills and mindset, is a serious challenge for an enterprise. Using a four-year degree as a proxy for employability means relying on talent with potentially redundant skills rather than lifelong learners with ever-relevant skills.

Experience suggests, the future of work will not only be about hard skills; it will be about holistic job skills. When it comes to skills, employers look for more than just task-oriented or technical skills, live skills being an eye for detail, creative problem-solving skills, a collaborative mindset and an ability to deal with ambiguity and complexity.

Whilst the Government skill projects remain largely directed to skilling schools/college drop outs, the students in professional courses get Industry relevance through their corporate connect programs however, the aspirational students of generic courses get left out of this critical Industry inputs. This initiative targets the focus group & aims at arm them with a first-hand interaction with corporates leaders enabling overwhelming sensitivity, agenda to work on and take the right steps to condition themselves on various basic skills/competencies essential to be job-ready for the first break with industry/corporate.

The industry leaders too can make a difference & be a contributor to this transition through Vision India: Employ India Campaign – “Enrich Youth for Employment". With great pride, we wish to share that through this initiative, we already have trained 1000s of youth and got them a gainful employment in last 9 months (April 2020 till date). Taking it to the next stage, the industry’s active participation in this program will give directional inputs to the aspiring youth, enabling us to jump shift & evolution.

The industry leader’s engagement is instrumental in making a Meaningful Impact on the Society, nurture & reinforce the bonds of our social fabric!

You are invited, Be with us to Be the BIG Difference!!