Technology is impacting our lives for the better each day by bringing in dynamism & variability, more so in our work-life.

Vision India stands out for innovation, across solutions that are offered to the clients, redefining the landscape of staffing, skilling & other services offerings.

Keeping technology, at the core, we create meaningful solutions allowing a hands-off control on the people management challenges empowering clients to stay focussed on the core business operations.

Human Resource processes have been redrafted by technology talent acquisition, continues to be highly skewed towards the personal factors; interactions, engagement, communication & travel.

This is more so prevalent for blue color campuses, where the hiring needs are voluminous.

With edge, your conventional campus hiring becomes a passé. Our digital solution rides across the barriers of Geography, Logistics, Paperwork, Coordination, Cost et al.

We empower you with the dexterity to operate with convenience, a complete Plug & Play model.

THE EDGE - Engage Digitally to Get Experts
  • End to End Digital Interface
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Access Million+ Database
  • Faster TAT on Immediate Vacencies
  • Workforce Blending Opportunities; Trades / Gender / Age / Experience /Geography
  • Stage-gate Assessment; Technical/Aptitude/Psychometrics. Designed by Industry Practioners, Customised for clients
  • Build Future Talent Funnel

Experience our Digital Campus Hiring Solution & create a desirable workforce by just moving your fingers from the comfort of your office.

You get a complete overview at every stage gate, as the solution is entirely BI integrated. You leverage our Industry First, Vision India’s memorandum of understanding with the State Governments towards facilitating the placements.

Join the league of the conglomerates who are making campus hiring a huge success & seamless, operating at the comforts of their office.