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National Employability Enhancement Mission (NEEM), an initiative by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India to enhance employability through On the Job Practical Training. This initiative is based on the concept of Learn & Earn prevalent in several developed countries like Germany & Japan.

In India, it offers on the Job Practical Training to Enhance Employability. Registration Under NEEM enables/empowers us to offer you the staffing services that would help you to have more engaged and committed workforce in more cost efficient manner. No Labor Laws are Applicable.

On the other hand, apprentices get an opportunity to undergo 'on the job' training, assessment and understanding of the expectations at workplace. They are exposed to real working conditions, situations, and challenges facilitating the acquisition of knowledge, skills, experience and desirable attitude that help them with employable skills.

Benefit To Employers :

  • Laws of training shall be applicable, in place of Labour / Employment laws
  • Existing trainees can be mobilize into NEEM Scheme to further enhance their skills
  • Stipend (minimum wages) paid does not attract any statutory deduction/payment obligation
  • No binding for organizations to offer employment to NEEM candidates post training
  • Saving in HR Cost compared to temporary manpower
  • Trainees will not involve in any employee- employer relationship

  • Benefit To Candidates :

  • Learns on the job & earns for the same
  • Assessment and understanding of the expectations @ workplace
  • Provided with a Certificate post training completion
  • Upon training completion, trainee can avail diploma in vocational education
  • Enhancement of post training employment opportunities